Destra - Lucy - 2015 Trinidad Soca

by Soca Freak

Destra Lucy - 2015 Trinidad Soca Music

Destra Lucy - 2015 Trinidad Soca Music

Here's Destra with a big one called "Lucy", released in time for 2015 Trinidad and Tobago carnival.

"I loose... I looser than Lucy, I sweeter than Lucy, this carnival got me so damn loose... "

We can hear some of the EDM influence and a lot of hardcore soca in the heart of this track. Very beautiful song by Destra Garcia. "Get loose!"

Listen to Lucy by Destra (2015 Trinidad Soca)

Destra's Lucy is produced by De Red Boyz, and written by Jason "Shaft" Bishop and Destra Garcia. This song was mixed by Andrew Denny and mastered by Sterling Sounds.

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