Darryl Jacobs Biography

by Marcia Phillips

 Darryl Jacobs

Darryl Jacobs

Darryl Jacobs Biography -

Born on the Island of Trinidad, creeping his way into the Music Industry as an artiste with such ambition.
Began his singing career as a member of the Mucurapo Secondary School choir.
In the village of Diego Martin
growing up as a child,he has been exposed to Carnival
at a very tender age of 4,recalling his first experience
as being on a music truck with friends and family.
In the year of 2003,
Darryl went on to become a vocalist
for the crossover band,OUTRAGE,where he gain his experiences performing at weddings and other private functions.
In the year of 2004,
he was approach by a veteran artiste
at a show and was asked to perform
on the road for Carnival,he considered the offer,
"a dream come through".Which inspired him to write his first song,"ALL THE WAY".
Today Darryl has grown from strength to strength
now a solo artiste that's ready and eager to work with some of soca music's best and upcoming stars.

facebook= trinivybes83@gmail.com
phone= 1(868)3157471

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