D'Alrounder Arise

by Lenny
(Los Angeles, Ca, USA)

I have a sealed vinyl record titled "D'ALROUNDER - ARISE". On the back it shows two songs, Pan Symphony and Roll your Bumsy. Songs were written by Caswall Brooks arranged by Leroy Vlaun. Shows it was recorded in Saint Maarten

Does anyone know the history of this recording and what type of music it is, Soca, Raggae.


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Apr 17, 2015
D'Alrounder Arise
by: Peach

Hello Lenny:

I'm in your neck of the woods, you're my neighbor.

On the sleeve of the vinyl album it has a picture of a man wearing a red/blue jacket, white pants and red shoes.

Have a look here: https://www.dustygroove.com/item/687792

Just want to be sure that is the right one.

According to research, that recording was done in the mid/late 70's. Maison Maru is the label. Recorded in St. Maarten. No other info available.

Hope someone else can shed light on it if they know.

The main type of music listened to in St. Maarten is: Calypso, merengue, soca, zouk and reggae (other music as well).

Well, there is an artist, 'Allrounder' or sometimes spelt 'Alrounder'. His name is Anthony Hendrickson from Trinidad.

The vinyl reads, D'Alrounder - Arise, if it's referring to Allrounder or Alrounder then he is a Calypsonian. In the past he also sang 'Kaiso'. Kaiso songs are generally narrative in form (talking) and often have a cleverly concealed political subtext.

Some of Allrounder songs are fast pace and jumpy and is sometimes categorized as classic soca.

The two songs, Pan Symphony and Roll Your Bumsy is probably calypso music.

According to Wikipedia, calypso music was developed in Trinidad in the 17th century from the West African Kaiso and Canboulay music brought by African slaves imported to that Caribbean island to work on sugar plantations.

Hope this helps.

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