Crystal 'C.C' Charles

by star69 entertainment
(Port Of Spain Trinidad)



C.C - Party Behind Meh

Rising from the steps of Belmont, Trinidad to the ‘World's Stage' was always C.C's dream…

CRYSTAL CHARLES, born in June 1989 always had a natural passion for being an entertainer; C.C has been performing for as long as she can remember and is highly motivated and confident that she has the ability to perform and entertain alongside the world's best.

C.C began her career at an early age of 10 in the school choir, church and by participating in the community, schools talent shows and competitions, with the solid encouragement of her family, teachers and friends.

C.C entered her first amateur competition, Synergy Soca Star in 2007, with a La Vern Als composition, 'Jam Meh For Carnival'. She knew that singing would be her career and committed herself to the daunting task of developing her artistry and craft for that all round appeal, to satisfy her critics and capture her market. In 2008, C.C again entered Synergy Soca Star, this time she made it to the Top 12 with high energy composition 'Wine Down Low' written and produced by Umi Macarno.

Her first major break in came in 2009 when she signed a three song deal with Non Destructive Label. Her three pieces ...’Crossing the Savannah’ (Power Song), ‘What Yuh Want Tonight’ (Chutney Soca) and ‘Dreamer’ (Party Song), ...proved her versatility over the various genres of Soca. C.C challenged herself and entered the International Soca Monarch where she made it to the semi-finals.

In 2010, C.C had her first hit ‘Steam’ featuring Benjai and Kernal ‘Kitch’ Roberts. The song was written by Kernal ‘Kitch’ Roberts and produced by Kernal ‘Kitch’ Roberts and G Master on the A.M.A rhythm. This rendering saw a wave of popularity, and C.C was a nominee for the 2010 Soca Awards in the category of Best New Artist. 2011 saw the release of ‘Dais It Dey’ written and produced by Kernal ‘Kitch’ Roberts which received heavy rotation on both local and foreign air waves.

C.C then took time off in 2012 and had a beautiful baby girl. After a return from maternal duties, C.C was back at it again releasing a song called ‘Soca Ah Luv Yuh’ in 2013, again making it to the International Soca Monarch Semi Finals with this groovy piece.

C.C continues to grow in the Soca industry; in 2014 she joined forces with the Road March king for ‘Party Behind Meh’ written By Austin SuperBlue Lyons and Samuel Jack, produced by Samuel Jack of Studio 21 which again sees her making it to the semifinal round of the International Soca Monarch (power category).

C.C has been thankful for the success afforded to her thus far and has enjoyed every moment of it, she intends through her dedication, hard work and passion to become recognized in the local and international Soca music industry.

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