Carnival is an Idolatrous, Sinful Event birthed by the Catholic Church - the "Harlot" of Revelation!

by kam
(brooklyn, ny)

oh yes, carnival WILL die. when Lord Jesus sets up His goverment on this earth there will be NO more carnival revelings going on! and furthermore, your carnival article only CONFIRMS that the celebrations ARE demonic in nature! forget about "religious"-these revelings show NO relationship with Jesus! its not about religion, it's about RELATIONSHIP! as you said, the Catholic church (Satan's own apostate church on earth and the "harlot" of Bible Revelation) started it and then it was furthered by pagans and idolators in Africa and other places. "Rituals to appease the dead" ARE unholy and unscriptural! The Bible says "the dead know NOTHING". just because people get a respite from the cares of working and everyday life does NOT mean there's nothing wrong with carnival celebrations.

they are an affront to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as because they are IDOLATROUS and encourage people to sexual sin and immorality.

that's the truth according to scripture whether you like it or not. will people that have received the Lord Jesus as their savior in their heart go to hell for attending carnival celebrations? no. their sins past, present and future are all forgiven. but honestly, a person who is really walking closely with Jesus wouldn't want to anywhere near these events because they ARE so idolatrous and ungodly.

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