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This is the place to listen to some of the best calypso songs ever recorded. Most of the songs are by the two best Calypsonians ever (by far), The Mighty Sparrow and Lord Kitchener. Listen to music from other great Calypso artists like David Rudder, Sugar Aloes, Baron, Explainer, Black Stalin, Gabby, Calypso Rose, Lord Invader, Gypsy, Grynner, Byron Lee and many more.

I'm happy to add this section. After all calypso is the mother of soca. It wouldn't be fair to have a soca web site and not pay respects to kaiso.

Have fun listening. I will keep adding to this list of songs, particularly including songs from other Caribbean islands besides T&T, so be sure to bookmark this page and come back for more.

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Famous Calypsonians - Best Calypso Artists

According to a survey conducted via an internet poll by the Toronto based calypso research group, Kaisoca International, the top 50 calypsonians of the 20th century are as follows: 

Mighty Sparrow - Slinger Francisco

1. Mighty Sparrow
2. Lord Kitchener
3. Roaring Lion
4. David Rudder
5. Wilmoth Houdini
6. Growling Tiger
7. Atilla The Hun
8. Black Stalin
9. Lord Melody
10. Mighty Duke
11. Mighty Spoiler
12. King Radio
13. Lord Invader
14. Duke of Iron
15. Cro Cro
16. Mighty Chalkdust
17. Nap Hepburn
18. Lord Cristo
19. Lord Brynner
20. Lord Beginner
21. Lord Caresser
22. Mighty Shadow
23. Gypsy
24. Lord Executor
25. Calypso Rose

Lord Kitchener

26. Lord Shorty
27. Mighty Growler
28. Lord Blakie
29. Lord Nelson
30. Sir Lancelot
31. Lord Pretender
32. Mighty Bomber
33. Mighty Destroyer
34. Mighty Killer
35. Explainer
36. Mighty Dougla
37. Maestro
38. Mighty Cypher
39. Mighty Spitfire
40. Lord Shortshirt
41. Lord Superior
42. Lord Valentino
43. Macbeth
44. King Fighter
45. Mighty Composer
46. Small Island Pride
47. Mighty Terror
48. Merchant
49. Crazy
50. Mighty Power

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Remembering Jany William, 2004 Saint Lucia Calypso Queen. Ten Years Have Passed. Her Memory Lives On. 
Here are two numbers by the late Jany Williams, who won the Saint Lucia calypso crown in 2004 and met a tragic death in a car crash, October, that same …

Mathilda she take me money 
I need to find out ALL the groups that recorded Mathilda that Had an album released in the us in the 50's and 60's. I can't find the version that I remember …

Please help me find this song! 
This song was popular in the late 70's or early 80's. I heard it in St. Thomas during carnival - over and over and over again and I never got tired of …

Belonger: Calypso from volcanic Montserrat 
Trini by birth, Montserratian by marriage, Pat ‘Belonger’ Ryan has been the Emerald Isle’s Queen of Calypso since the 1980s. Belonger made a name for herself …

Who sang old kaiso "meh nanny might be ugly meh nanny might be old but meh nanny is the sweetest thing i have in this world" 
Hi. I've been trying so hard to find this song to add to my collection. At first I thought it was by De Mighty Trini, but that search turned up nothing.. …

Guyana's Best Calypsonian Mighty El-Cid 
How could they not include Guyana's Best Calypsonian Mighty El-Cid known worldwide for his hit record entitled "Local Dish" other songs to follow like …

who sang "sandra where are you tonight i wonder" 
I am trying to find the name and the artist of the a song.. Part of the lyrics is "sandra where are you tonight i wonder"..

[Lord Mouse and the Kalypso Katz]  
In just a few short months, the big band calypso orchestra will have it's 2nd CD available. Still holding true to the traditions of the old school calypso, …

where can i find this old calypso song my grandfather used to sing? 
a calypso oldie about a drunk man who walk in a graveyard and to the top of his voice keep ballin out hard. my friend i come long time no see, i choose …

Lord Nelson maybe...? 
I am looking for a song - I believe by Lord Nelson about getting off a plane and being told he smelled like rotten onions. He couldn't hold his sh*t (teehee). …

Calypso Artist and name of song 
My Dad used to play a calypso song that went "Come go home with me Dookie come go home, I got me property,come go home with me dookie, I love you already" …

Darlin' I know this love is true - Lord Nelson 
Hi, I am looking for a song by Lord Nelson with the chorus "Darlin' I know this love is true, I don't know how much love ah have left doo doo but I know …

Who sang what you put in your sweetbread lillian 
Who sang this calypso? What you put in your sweetbread Lillian.

Song by Crazy - Paul Your Mother Come 

Old Calypso, Need to know Name Song/Artist? 
Hello, When I was young I heard this song regarding the different character of carnival, and I have been looking for it ... Lyrics go something …

old calypso tune!! 
can someone tell me who the artist that sings the tune : " this is not a jam in here this is madness.........ah yay yay ya ya yah yeeeeh........where …

Top Calypso Music; George Marajah  
This is very good work. For better future creational work on calypso, please contact George Marajah. he has written two books, but most of all, he has …

Picko - Old Calypso Collection 
Good evening evryone, today is September 22nd. 2010. I have discovered this website, and oh my goodness, I'm truely excited and very impressed by what …

What's the name of this song?  
It's a great song. Some of the lyrics are: ejacula, a blood sucker ----- very peppy. What's the name of this song?

Mighty Chalkdust 
Hi Mantius(= that your name?) Really appreciate your efforts. I am looking for the longest time for the lyrics of Chalkdust's winning song I put on …

who sang this song and what is the name of the song? 
i recently went to trinidad and hearda song with the lyrics i left mt hat in the army ,ileft my booths in the navy... but search as i ay i can find it …

Old Calypso Song Name 
Looking for an old calypso, the lyrics goes something like this 1 and 1 is 2 I'm all over you because 1 and is 2 2 and 2 is four give me some more …

Back to Back, Belly to Belly 
May not be the song title and not sure who made it? Old title - Is this the name of the song and who is it by?

Does any one out there know who recorded the song 'LOLITA' somewher during the 50's or could be before that. I can only remember a few words from childhood …

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Constable Joe by Lord Kitchener 
Constable Joe - I love this piece of music to death and have been looking for it for oh-so-many-years. Could any body help me p-l-e-a-s-e. Thank you.

St Lucian Calypsonians - My thoughts 
It is very difficult to find information on St Lucian calypsonians. I am doing a project on calypso and I need the autobiographies of at least four St …

Lack of information about how Calypsonians get their names that they are called in the calypso arena? 
I have been looking for 2 weeks how Mighty Chalkdust got that name. I have seen everything except that.

Calypsonian Crazy - Soca Tarzan 
Did crazy sing a calypso called soca tarzan?

"Stella" by lord nelson 
hi im trying to find the song "Stella" by lord nelson...can someone help me?

It's love and love alone, that caused King Edward to Leave the throne 
Back on the 50's a friend of mine had a 33 rpm disc of Calypso songs and the above are some lyrics of one song. Another song was called PRETTY BOY …

Looking for calypso song 
There is an old calypso song I grew up listening to and I don't know who the artist is all I know it says "How you can whine So" How you can whine so... …

So badly need the song title! 
I know a few lyrics to this old trini song but I don't know the name of it or who sings it. The lyrics that I know are: "There is no mother Africa, there …

St Lucian calypso music - where to find 
Does anyone know where i could find st. lucian calypso music not soca it can be easily be found, i would like calypso, please let me know. Preferably St. …

Calypso song - Dumb Boy is a witness in a rape case? 
One of the lyrics that stick out in my mind: Tell the court dumb boy what you see *dumb boy makes gestures in response to the question* My father …

free site for downloading calypso and soca music 
i'm wondering if anyone knows of a free site where you can download calypso and soca music

Lord Cristo - Indian Man and The Donkey 
Hello - I'm trying to find a copy of Lord Cristos song INDIAN MAN AND THE DONKEY. Can you help?

victoria park 
i am trying to find a song possibly called, "Victoria Park" by a band that may have had the words "little felix" in its title. the time frame of this …

Dr Kitts?? 
Hallo, I am trying to find the song that was banned by the BBC in the 50's called perhap Dr. Kitts. It is about a doctor giving a young lady an injection!! …

Trinidad Calypso 1984 
I'm trying to find Trinidad calypso music from 1984 or so including David Rudder and Baron songs. Does this site have music from this time period?

Calypso Oldie - Lord Necktie 
I don't know where he was from, but his music was fantastic! Has anyone heard of Lord Necktie?

Best Calypsonians Ever 
Who are the best Calypsonians ever? Share your views below. It's always a pleasure to hear what you have to say. When talking about the best …

What are the best calypso songs ever sang? 
What are your opinions on the best calypso songs ever sang? Please share with me and other visitors to this site. This will help in adding to the current …

Missing Calypsonians - The Mighty Gabby Not rated yet
It is impossible to write about calypso music and write a greatest calypsonians list and not mention calypsonian, singer, songwriter, guitarist, actor, …


Looking for the title and singer of a calypso song. Not rated yet
I am looking for the title and singer of a calypso song. The chorus goes like this: No unity, no solidarity. That is why the region is dying slowly. …

"Mighty Striker' Percy Oblington Not rated yet
The now deceased "Mighty Striker' may have been the only calypsonian who won the Calypso Monarch for two consecutive years (1958/1959} and has been documented …

Looking for an old time Calypsonian who sang this calypso. Not rated yet
Hello, I am looking for the name of the Calypsonian who sang the calypso that had the following words: If you want am betty prove to me you're a man, meh …

Brand New Calypso from Norway! Not rated yet
Hi! I just wanted to share with you this brand new Calypso record from Norway(!). We haven't had any calypso records here since the late 50's! The band …

Trinidad and Tobago 2013 Calypso Monarch Finals Results Not rated yet
Trinidad and Tobago 2013 Calypso Monarch Finals Results 1st. Eric Taylor (Pink Panther) 2nd. Kurt Allen (The Last Badjohn of Calypso) 3rd. Heather …

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Rally Round The West Indies Lyrics Not rated yet
David Rudder Rally Round The West Indies Lyrics Scroll to the bottom of page for the West Indies Cricket Anthem. For ten long years …

Trinidad and Tobago Calypso Monarch 2011 Not rated yet
Here are the 2011 Trinidad and Tobago calypso monarch finalists. In the finals are... Kurt Allen - reigning Monarch Brian London "We Fed Up" Devon …

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