Brian London "We Free" Calypso Lyrics

(#13 Khan Street Fyzabad, Trinidad W.I.)

Brian London "We Free" Calypso Lyrics


For four hundred years we struggle
For four hundred years we fight
For days no food or water
But we toiling from day to night
One by one meh brothers falling
Oh lord dey cant take de strain
Of the barriers on meh mind
While we foot and we hands in chains
Ah little bit ah water,
Massa just one sip
But every time ah beg for the water,
Was more licks from de massa whip
Forever holding on,
Praying my ancestors would set me free
Ah have de fire for freedom burning in meh soul
So ah know I'd get liberty

We free yes we free indeed
We free yes we free indeed
Ah walk down freedom road leaving them chains
And ah not going back again
We free yes we free indeed
We free yes we free indeed
Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther
The struggle shall not be in vain

In de grave meh forefathers turn
One by one meh black brothers going to jail
Some blaming the pressures of life
While some say that de system fail
Robbing, shooting and killing
Only destroying your own
Mother Africa she heart bleeding
Soon there will be no kings to sit on her throne
All these years of slavery
Knowing nothing but pain
Now today you trying to tell me
We sacrifice we life for you in vain
Black man open up your eyes
Get rid of that lazy mentality
You were once a leader
Take your rightful place in society

To all my African sisters
I'm sending out ah plea
Cause dey blaming you of neglecting your role
As the mother of society
Dey say some dress today
Selling all dey pride and dey dignity
Come on sisters demand respect
You're a person of royalty
African women face so much pressure
Just for you to have your respect today
And now you trying to tell meh
You just want to throw that away
Woman raise up your head
Ah begging you all time to take ah stand
For there is no power greater
Than that of an Emancipated Woman

Ah want all yuh trace back de lines
Even before the battle start
And you go see that African people
Was always ah people full of heart
We survive when dey steal we birth right
We survive when dey change we name
We survive when dey rape we women
We survive just to fight again
So if you think that de battle over
If you think that de struggle done
De struggle still going on
So ah want you to take up yuh sword and come
Take up your sword of justice
Your sword of pride and dignity
But don't forget to put on your amour
Of African identity


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