Brian London "Ah Revolution" Calypso Lyrics

(# 13 Khan Street Fyzabad, Trinidad West Indies)



People only complaining
They can’t take this crime thing
Every time yuh open de papers
Somebody lose another son or daughter
Before the story reach the public
Two more names add to the list
Something really going wrong
Ah wonder where morality gone
Sometimes the answers that you looking for
Standing up right in front yuh door
Yuh close yuh eyes and play that you eh see
When the problem really start with you and me


We need ah revolution (yeah-eh-eh)
Ah revolution (yeah-yee)
Ah revolution to stop crime (yeah-yeah-yeah-eh-eh)
We need ah revolution (yeah-eh-eh)
Ah revolution (yeah-yee)
Ah revolution of the mind (yeah-yeah-yeah-eh-eh)
Time for you to check yuhself (yeah-yeah)
Stop blaming everyone else (yeah-yeah)
Take ah good look and see
The problem begins with we
So we need ah revolution (yeah-eh-eh)
Ah revolution (yeah-yee)
Ah revolution of the mind (yeah-yeah-yeah-eh-eh)


All across this blessed country
People seem very uneasy
Everybody in ah hurry
Like there is an emergency
Children now minding children
Because the children is their children
And when you looking for the father
In ah jail cell or six feet under
We stand and watch as respect leave and gone
And some doh care dey say life must go on
Come on; come on open your eyes and see
No one no longer respect nobody


Ah wonder if we know crime is crime
Regardless fo the color or the kind
But the equation seems so simple
Different laws for different people
If ah poor man thief some money
He face in de papers and TV
Different laws for de rich I see
Thief and get away scott free
If these are the examples we set
Then what you give is what you going to get
Wrong is wrong and wrong can’t be right
Sometimes is we who cause we own plight


Doh wait on no politician
Or no government to fix ah nation
Doh wait on de police either
Neither the church or de preacher
It takes ah people to build ah nation
Regardless of race or religion
Your country is where you born and grow
And where your children would live tomorrow
Parents hold on to your family
Is only then we’d take back de community
Come, come open up your eyes and see
The fight really begins with you and me


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Aug 07, 2013
Thank you.
by: Soca Freak

Thanks for posting.

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