Brand New Calypso from Norway!

by Henry Horage
(Oslo, Norway)


I just wanted to share with you this brand new Calypso record from Norway(!). We haven't had any calypso records here since the late 50's! The band Brødrene Löwenstierne (The Löwenstierne Brothers) has recorded both Calypso classics and some almost forgotten Caribbean folk tunes on a beautiful green vinyl LP! Check it out!

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This is what it says on the record cover:

For Brødrene Löwenstierne It all started with an old record bought at a flea market in Oslo. The album sleeve immediately caught the duo's attention with it's bright yellow colors and a picture of a girl dressed up in a feathery, yet partly revealing costume. The album was called Yellow Bird, and the artist was a Caribbean Calypso singer called Jamaica Duke. It turned out to be a pretty lo-fi production, but the stories and soul of these melodies were close to hypnotic for the Norwegian duo. After hearing the track "Mr. Walker" for the first time, Brødrene Löwenstierne knew that they had to do some more research in this lost and unchartered material.

During their search through stacks of old Caribbean 45's, the musical duo came across multiple treasures and gems from a partly lost folk music heritage. The two Norwegians now became more and more interested in releasing a tribute to the old Caribbean musicians and calypsonians, such as Joseph Spence, The Mighty Sparrow, Lord Melody and George Symonette. This unique music deserved to be re-introduced to a dancing, music loving audience!

The track list on this record is mainly based on finds from this melody treasure hunt. Brødrene Löwenstierne are not bound by any specific musical rules or boundaries. In some cases the musical arrangement sounds somewhat close to the original Caribbean recording, and in other cases  the old Calypso tune gets to flirt with other beats. In any case, this album will provide beautiful, melodious, catchy and extremely likable Calypso music for future parties!

Yours Henry H.

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