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Listen to the music of Dominican artist, Benz aka Mr Gwada here. "Yes I tell you!"

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Song List

  • Pa Lage Mwen (Zouk/Compa) - Produced by Dada Lawrence (Independence).
  • Mizik A Nou (Bouyon) - Riddim by Dada (courtesy Benz Muzik).
  • Saw Kim (Bouyon) - Produced by Dada.
  • BBing (Phone Cheat) courtesy of Benz Muzik
  • Gwada feat. Doc J
  • Don't Tell Me No (Bouyon Groovy) - Riddim by Puskey.
Benz aka Mr Gwada
  • No Faith In Dem (Judas) - Produced by Josa.
  • Deejay - By Josa (Written by Benz).
  • Hollywood - Produced by Sheldon Alfred. Mixed by DJFlip. Mastered by Dada.
  • Go Getta (Remix) Falcon feat. Benz Mr Gwada. - Mixed by Joseph Josa Royer. Produced by Fully Grown/Blackkingz
  • Explain Dat (Cheating) - Produced by Josa (Blackkingz). 
  • Festival Time (Bouyon) - Riddim by Scrappy.
  • Bouyon Bizniz - Benz featuring Gangsta J - Produced by Falcon/Courtesy of Benz Muzik
  • I Okay - Produced by Josa for Blackkingz
  • BBing - Phone Cheat (promo mix) - Riddim by F.R.C./Mix by Josiah Lamoth. North Empire Records (1 min edit)
  • Gwada  feat Doc J  - Remix
  • Wining Teknik (Ragga Soca) - Benz aka Mr Gwada - Produced by Joseph "Josa" Royer (Blackkingz)
  • Foreva (R&B) - (Diamonds & Pearls)
  • Ka Yo Ve (French Creole Dancehall)
  • Gat Pum Pum (Bouyon) - produced by Josa for Blackkinz
  • Flash Drive - Flip feat Benz - Produced by Tewa.
  • Your Puss - Benz featuring Josa. (Blackkingz)
  • Bouyon Queen - DJ Flip featuring Benz - Produced by L.T.
  • Don't Judge Me - Produced by Josa for Blackkingz.
  • Keep On Rising - DJ Flip featuring Benz aka Mr Gwada. Produced by DJSHill. 
  • Biker Girls - DJ Flip featuring Benz and Johnny D.
  • Gwada - D.J. Flip featuring Benz - Produced by F.R.C.
  • Next Level Story - Politricks - Produced by Dada. 
  • Benz Mega Bouyon Mix - Mixed by DJ Tooby from Gwada.
  • Last Lap Bouyon Riddim Mix - Saw Kim, Last Lap and More - Produced by Dada.
  • I Do Wat I Do - Featuring King Dice. ProduceD by Genesiz (Gwada)
Benz aka Mr Gwada
  • Benz Live Performance 2012
  • Next Level Story - Polititriks - DJ Seggy Remix (Produced by Dada).
  •  No Mercy/Gwada Dubplate - DJ Flip featuring Benz 365 Riddim Promo 
  • DJ Vello Dubplate (Intelligent Sound)
  • No Need No Gun (San Kombin) - Produced By Kultcha B
  • Red Klinic Medley Feat. Benz MrGwada, Mr Benji, Shadowflow, Aima, Kalihi,JA Foxx ,DJFlip. By Blackking/Dada Music 
  • Benz Live at World Creole Music Festival
  • Doh Lose Your Head - Produced by Bassin "Kultcha B" Jean Noel (Gwada).
  • Good To Fro
  • My Home featuring Scratchie - Recorded by Cornell Phillip for Imperial Publishings
  • Without - Produced by Deff Da Bass (Paris)
  • Go Get My Gun - (Lyrical Teworist) - Gwada
  • Wat Dem Talk Bout - Produced by Genisiz  (Gwada)
  • Trouble
  • Round Di Place
  • Brainwash - Recorded and produced Gerard Julien for Music Factory/J.S Records(Dominica)
  • Festival Time - Riddim by Scrappy - Written by Kernel Benz Stevens.

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