Benjai - The People's Champion (Soca 2012 Lyrics)

by Natalie
(Windsor, ON, Canada)

Benjai - The People's Champion (Soca 2012 Lyrics)

The people callin’ Benjamin
Say dey want a tune again

Look everybody done wet
We chest done wet
We back done wet
We outta breath
We peltin’ waist
And we can’t done yet
We can’t done yet
No we can’t done yet

Face done wet
We drippin’ sweat
Drinks in the air
So the place done wet
Call a next rounds
Everything done set
The sun not out
So we can’t done yet
(We can’t done yet)

They say
Benjai not doin’ it again
I tell them dat
They will be callin’ out meh name
They say on paper I’m second
But in de hearts I’m number 1
The people’s champion
The people’s champion

So when people hear “eh ay”
Know Benjai is dey ay
All hands in de air ay
All drinks in the sky
Cuz the fans dem love me
And they show that love when they see meh
See meh, see meh, see meh


They say
Benjai just don’t have enough
I tell them dat
I only do this outta love
Cuz I love my country bad
I represent for the soca hard
Here for de carnival
Benjai on the scene

When people throwin’ parties
Oh they don’t have to study
Well who is that somebody
To come and mash it up
(Everybody know) that it is my duty
And you just have to call me
And we go mash up de place for the people dem say


Benjai - The People's Champion (Soca 2012 Lyrics)

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Aug 21, 2012
by: Anonymous

Big tune! Dey callin Benjaminnnnnnnn! Say dey want ah chune againnnn!

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