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hi people, what up, i am dying to know this soca song for ages. it go some thing like this..... RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY COME AGAIN A NOTHER DAY , BUT A RAIN AT THE STADIAUN, IT RAIN DOWN SPRING GARDING, RAIN COME TO STOP UP ALL, BAJAN DONT LIKE WATER THERE PREFER A FIRE, BUT KADOOMENT DAY MAN THE RAIN COME DOWN AND PLAY. if any one could remember this song please send me a link where to find it, or to listen to it.i think is about 12 to 13 years back, yes i know is a verry old one but i like it and would like to here it again. thank.

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Mar 14, 2009
Bajan Song
by: Dimpledread

well I can say you stump me there, I have no clue what song that could be but I wil keep checking for oyu maube someone on here will recognize the lyrics, good luck!!!

To the person that wanted the lyrics for Kitchie's No Wuk For Carnival Im doing my best to fnd them but thta is one hard song to find lyrics too that is also for the person that wanted Hunter's Jep Sting so, can find the music on all the regular sites but the lyrics yu have to pen yourself lol I'll keep trying though do have a blessed day!

Mar 15, 2009
Fay Ann
by: Solange

Yeah me too stumped, but I hope you find out those lyrics soon. Well folks I know by now Fay-ann supposed to be stale news eh she like ah bad cold-just wouldn't go away!

Here the new twist; disrespectful CPF(body responsible for Soca/Groovy Soca Monarch) suddenly decided AFTER the competitions that her 1 million dollars has to be reduced to $750,000.00. I don't in any way condone this underhandedness eh but hear Fay-ann nah Oh amongst other things via telephone on the tele that remember she performed whilst she was pregnant and she has milk and pampers to purchase and la-de-freakin-da.

Listen Fay-ann and all her die-hards NOBODY PUT A GUN TO YOUR HEAD and when people were expressing their genuine concern for her safety and that of the child she was blatantly indifferent so try another reasoning, she should've stuck with she wants her money plain and simple because she fulfilled her obligation and performed.

Life never boring with these villains ...........

May 14, 2014
Lord Kitchener - No Wuk for Carnival
by: Anonymous

No Wuk for Carnival - Lord Kitchener

I have that song if you want a copy.

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