Barbados Soca 2011 - 2K11 Barbados Crop Over Music

This is the place for Barbados soca 2011 (2011 Barbados Crop Over Music). You can listen to all your favourite 2011 Bajan soca music releases below. Listen to music from the biggest names in Barbados soca. Check out the music of leading Bajan artistes like Blood, Statement, Mr Dale, Peter Ram, Alison Hinds, Biggie Irie, Lil Rick, Khiomal, RPB, Natahlee, Terencia Coward, Edwin Yearwood, Krosfyah, Rupee, Barry Chandler and others.

I invite you to share your thoughts on the music. What are your favourite songs for 2011? Do you have a top ten list? Tell us about these songs. Tell us why you think certain songs should win the party monarch, sweet soca monarch or road march. What are your thoughts on the calypso releases. What are your predictions? You can share these thoughts below. You can talk about anything related to Barbados soca 2011 and Barbados Cropover in general. Talk about the shows, fetes, competitions, mas bands, costumes and anything that pertains to the festival.

Other visitors to will be able to view your posts and share their own views. Let's make it as lively as possible and be sure to give enough detail to turn your post into a full page on Soca Freak.

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