All Iwer George's 2015 Soca Songs - Trinidad and Tobago Music

by Mantius Cazaubon

Iwer George, 2015 Soca - King George

Iwer George, 2015 Soca - King George

Iwer George, 2015 Soca - King George
Iwer George, 2015 Soca - Jump Up Island
Iwer George, Play D Mas, 2015 Soca - Tribe Riddim
Iwer George, 2015 Soca, Play D Mas

Iwer George 2015 Soca Releases

Listen to all releases from Iwer George for 2015 Trinidad and Tobago carnival in the playlist below.


Here's a list of the songs in this playlist as well as credits for each song.

Iwer George - Play D Mas (Tribe Riddim)

Performed by Neil Iwer George, Written by Mical Williams & Neil George. Additional Vocals by Mical Williams. Co-Written by Kasey Phillips
Produced & Mixed by Precision Productions
Mastered by Keron "Scratch Master" Hector.

Iwer George - Jab Jab Man - 2015 Trinidad Soca

Written By Neil Iwer George, Produced By WMG Lab Rec, Live Drums By Alpha, Backed by the Jab Jab Band.

Iwer George 2015 Soca - Last King

Written & Produced By Ghost Writers Music, Recorded @ Studio 21, Mixed By Wiz Records

Iwer George Soca 2015 - Jump Up Island

Written By: Neil Iwer George
Additional Background Vocals By: Mical Teja
Recorded @Wizz Kid WMG RECS
Mixed By: Kyle Phillip I Precision Production
Mastered By: MadMen Production

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