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Alison Hinds (commonly misspelled allison hinds) is one of my favorite female soca artists. Undoubtedly, the Barbados based artist has made a great impact and contribution to soca music. Formerly of the band Square One, she is known for a number of hit songs including Ragamuffin, Aye Aye Aye, Twister, DJ Ride, Sweetest Wine, Faluma, Togetherness, Iron Bazodee, Fireworks, Roll It Gal and Love Affair.

I find her songs to have longevity, unlike many songs which are only good for one carnival season and then irrelevant. There is always a freshness about these songs when she performs. Her big hits will continually stay in the hearts of soca lovers worldwide.

Alison Hinds was actually born in England (on June 1, 1970) and not Barbados as many assume. She only moved to Barbados at the age of 11 (with her mother) when her parents separated.

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In 1996, ten years after joining the band Square One, Allison Hinds began to make a very impressionable mark on Caribbean soca music. This was the year she released her big soca song, "Raggamuffin" and went on to win the road march for Barbados Cropover. But it was only the beginning because the following year she did it again, winning the road march for the second consecutive time with the hit soca song, "Twister".

Alison Hinds on Myspace

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Who can ever forget Square One's big album "Full Bloom", an album which took over the Caribbean and featured the big Hit performed by Alison, titled "Faluma". This song was the number one soca tune in the Caribbean for a long time and topped the charts of Guatemala for 49 weeks. The soca star eventually left the band Square One and the band continued to produce hits until 2004.

After the birth of her daughter, Saharan (born May 4th, 2004), the Bajan soca star returned on the scene in 2005 with a bang. She now had her own band, "The Alison Hinds Show". Immediately she had this big hit, "Roll It Gyal" This was a perfect come back. She proved that her absence hadn't taken anything away from her, but only propelled her forward. Hats off to the Soca Queen.

Allison Hinds released a new album "Soca Queen", on 22nd October, 2007. Great album!

One feature of her performances I like is when she calls a male from the audience to come on stage. This is always a highlight that I look forward to every time she performs.

Overall, she is a model soca artist. Certainly someone who aspiring soca singers can learn from. I always enjoy watching her perform. She knows just how to put a good performance together and her band compliments this. Top artist! Top music!

Just thought I had finished writing this article, turn on the radio (Soca 919Fm) and the first song I hear is a new release from Hinds, think it's called "Blazing". Nice tune.

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