by Shady
(SXM )

Let we Go

Yes Baby
Now You Got Me

Yes Baby
Now You Got Me
Nice Nice Nice (3x)
You Got Me
Sweet Sweet Sweet (3x)

Oooh girl

Yes Baby
Now You Got Me
Yes Baby
Ooooooh!!! You Got Me

Girl you have me hanging on an string
Unna fine you should know what I bend
From the first time that I met you
I know there was something about you
I still want to take my changes
And I facing the consequences!!!

You got Me!!!!!!!!
You got Me!!!!!!!!
You got Me!!!!!!!!
You got Me!!!!!!!!
Nice Nice Nice

You got Me!!!!!!!!
Sweet sweet sweet
You got Me!!!!!!!!
Nice Nice Nice
You got Me!!!!!!!!
Sweet sweet sweet

Nobody could do it
The way you does do it
Whenever you do it
I does real enjoy it

It Nice Nice Nice
It Sweet Sweet Sweet
You knock me off my feet
You got Me!!!!!!!!
You put me in a heat!!!
You got Me!!!!!!!!

Never ever in my wildness dream
I will never stop to imagine
The way how you tempter lize me
With your sweet jam on your beautiful
You got to be spider lady
The way how you spend your web on me
You got me!!!! (3x)


I dreaming about you all the time
I just cannot get you off my mind
All my secrets are revealing
Cause is only my sleep I talking
Mi friends think I am going crazy
They telling me something to mi girl


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