Aagee Simpson - Short Autobiography

by Aagee Simpson
(Marigot, Saint Lucia)

My name is Aagee Simpson. I am a Saint Lucian entertainer and do all genres of music. I'm also a bassist.

I was very instrumental in the shaping of the new soca in 1976 when Shorty toured Saint Lucia with the Night Train. I was the lead singer of the Night Train along with musicians like Luther Francois, his brother Mervin, and keyboardist, Emerson Nurse. Because I sang most of the popular creole songs, Shorty invited me to his guest house, Williams guest house on the Chaussee. He asked me to show them the rhythm. I showed him and Junior Whawood how it goes and the rest is history.

(Aagee Simpson - short autobiography)

My song Are You Ready was featured on a UNICEF album with Allison Hinds, Edwin Yearwood, David Rudder, Anthony B, Stalin, John King and more. I was awarded for that song and up till now, it has been the only soca song featured on the world chart show.

My song, Carnival Baby (soca) was very popular in Jamaica. I have perfomed with Robert Plantof the legendary Led Zepplin. I have entertained the Rolling Stones at a private party at the Ruins restaurant in Soufriere, Saint Lucia. I have acted in two movies, Fire Power, and water, spent time with Nelson Mandela, represented Saint Lucia twice as a musician in Barbados and Italy.

I also represented Saint Lucia as a marathon runner.

My brother is a scout for Warners, I'm signed up to a label in England, and my song has been submitted to Warners Music for consideration. Love Is Like Fire has been featured on the BBC five times, and G.M.T.V. as well as every newspaper in Barbados and Saint Lucia, dozens of times. I've met Buzz Aldrin, second man on the moon, met all the black astronauts, Harris and Bluefield.

Much more later.

Aagee Simpson

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