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, Lucian Soca - Downloads of ALL Mantius' 2014 Songs
June 20, 2014

Hope all is well with you and yours. Peace be unto you. Blessed love.

I'd like to provide you with access to all Mantius' songs released for 2014 Saint Lucia Carnival. Songs are Feelins, No Guns Allowed, De Long Tongue, Peace And Love and Bend Down.

Go to the following links to listen to and download the songs for free:

Mantius Feelins Download link

Mantius and Halibut (from Dominica) De Long Tongue Remix Download link

Mantius No Guns Allowed Download link

Mantius Peace And Love Download Link

Mantius Bend Down Download link

Youtube links are as follows:

No Guns Allowed


Peace And Love

De Long Tongue

Bend Down

Please forward to all your folks. Thank you!

Mantius Cazaubon

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