I have released four songs so far for Saint Lucia carnival 2011 that I'd like to share with you for free, just for being an active subscriber to Soca Freak Express.

These songs are namely, She Want A Shot, Horn Free, Ti Kwa and Birds of A Feather.

Thankfully, I have received a lot of positive feedback for these songs. Check them out yourself.

Judging from the feedback from listeners and DJs, the songs of choice for competition are Ti Kwa and She Want A Shot.

Ok. With no further ado you can Download Mantius 2011 soca songs here for free.

Here are the direct links to download the songs.

Ti Kwa (Flambeau Vs Labour)

Horn Free

She Want A Shot

Birds Of A Feather

You can also check out the songs on youtube.

Listen to "Ti Kwa".

Listen to "She Want A Shot".

Listen to "Horn Free".

Listen to "Birds Of A Feather (We Flocking)".

Thanks a lot for your support and God bless.

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Mantius Cazaubon

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Mantius - Party Alcohol Woman

Listen to Mantius' Party Alcohol Woman (Homemade Studio Production).

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Download Mantius' Party Alcohol Woman here.

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