2016 Soca Music From Trinidad and Tobago

This page is all about 2016 soca music from Trinidad and Tobago. You can listen to all your favorite releases for 2016 Trinidad and Tobago carnival.

Listen to 2016 Soca From Trinidad and Tobago (Playlist). Click play button.

2016 Chutney and Chutney Soca Download

Here's a download link for 2016 Chutney Soca. This download called "2016 Massive Chutney-Chutney Soca Package #1" was created by MrInfamousVibes and Jam2Vibes. It contains over 60 releases and instrumentals. 

On this page, you can enjoy songs from all the biggest artistes in the game, as well as smaller, less known artists.

The bigger artists are usually the ones whom all the focus is on, but the smaller, less popular ones have a lot to share as well. Often times their songs are just as good, or perhaps even better than the ones that make it big. But since they are not well known, they never get the time of day.

You can decide for yourself what songs are your personal favorites, whether they are big hits on the radio or not. And let me know, if you care to share.

By the same token, a big shout out and much love to the leaders and better known artistes in the soca game, especially stars like Machel Montano, Iwer George, Bunji Garlin, Fay Ann Lyons, Destra, Farmer Nappy, Denise Belfon, Shurwayne Winchester, Patrice Roberts, Lyrikal, Benjai, Olatunji and the likes. The list goes on and on.

Enjoy music from all these artistes and so many more. There are hundreds of artistes in Trinidad and Tobago, although most of us only know a few.

So this is a quick thought I had on soca music, but the main point of this page is for you to enjoy the 2016 soca releases from Trinidad and Tobago. The first playlist (above) is made possible through the hard work of Julianspromos. Enjoy!

I invite you to share your comments on the various songs, below. What songs do you like? Which ones are great? Which ones suck? Who are you disappointed with? Who shines for you? It doesn't matter; just say whatever is on your mind with regards to these 2016 Trinidad and Tobago soca releases. 

Talk about carnival on a whole or anything that is related. Look forward to reading your comment. Bless up!

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