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2014 Soca - Trinidad and Tobago

Welcome to the Trinidad & Tobago 2014 soca music page. Here you can listen to and download the latest releases from Trinidad and Tobago as they are released.

There are two playlists on this page. One of them is a Youtube player, and the other one from Hulkshare gives you the option of downloading all your favourite songs. 

2014 International Soca Monarch Results

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Let everyone know your thoughts on 2014 soca songs from T&T. You can talk about your favourite songs, favourite artistes, fetes and anything that pertains to Trini soca and carnival. 

Do you have a top five or top ten list? What song is your favourite for the roadmarch competition. How about soca monarch? What do you expect from Machel Montano and Superblue this year? How about the groovy soca monarch competition?

2014 Soca Music Playlist (Free Soca Music Downloads)

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YouTube Playlist:

List of 2014 International Soca Monarch Semi- Finalists

List of 2014 International Soca Monarch Finalists

2014 road march winners. Is groovy soca taking over?

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2014 Soca Music (Trinidad and Tobago) - List of Songs For Download:

  1. Machel Montano - HMA (Happiest Man Alive)
  2. Bunji Garlin - Red Light District
  3. Fayann Lyons - Done D Party (Oil Stain Riddim)
  4. Destra - Just A Little Bit
  5. Devon Matthews - Greedy
  6. Bunji Garlin - Its a Carnival
  7. Farmer Nappy - All Ah Dat
  8. Farmer Nappy ft. Imani - Addiction
  9. Denise Belfon - Challenge
  10. K.Rich - Go Down
  11. Kes - Play De Music
  12. Bunji Garlin - King's Arrival (Here For The Crown)
  13. K-Ultimate - Beat Out
  14. Lyrikal, Yankey Boy, Baba Shanta - Survivor
  15. Lyrikal - What Ah Feeling
  16. Mr Famous - Bring Back Shadow 
  17. Mr.Renzo - Anywhere
  18. MX Prime - Festival
  19. Patch ft Hargy - Melda
  20. Prophet Benjamin - No Profit
  21. Ragga - Welcome To Carnival
  22. Shal Marshall - Feel 2 Wuk 
  23. Shurwayne Winchester ft. Farmer Nappy - We Doh Sleep 
  24. Super Blue - Champion Daddy
  25. Terri Lyons - Freaky
  26. Yankey Boy - Don't Spoil De Party
  27. Nadia Batson Aggressive (2014 soca music, Trinidad and Tobago)
  28. Dil E Nadan ft. Dr. Seales and Blaxx- Carnival Nice
  29. Cali Bigs - Push It Back
  30. Cassi - Whole Day
  31. Stephen Marcelle - Is That Ah Want
  32. Blackie - Swizzle
  33. Fya Empress - Slackness
  34. Valene Nedd - Not A Saint
  35. Kimba Sorzano - Slow
  36. Ronnie Homer - Grab Dem
  37. Jus J - Something
  38. Dilena Diamond - Take Me Out
  39. Benjai - Lick It In
  40. T-Rock - Your Time
  41. Yankey Boy - Keep Talking
  42. KI Feat. Neval Chatelal - Lolita
  43. Jaiga (Super Jigga TC) - Keisha
  44. Chucky Gordon - Blazin'
  45. Shurwayne Winchester - Carnivalian (2014 Soca Music MP3 Downloads)
  46. Fay Ann Lyons - Gimme That
  47. Valerie Hill- Burning (Coffee Street Riddim)
  48. Sean Caruth- Push it Back
  49. Dev- Wuk It n Wuk It
  50. Peter Ram- Feeling Nice
  51. Sexy Trisha- Leave Meh
  52. Patrice Roberts - Pong It
  53. Stephen Marcelle - Is That Ah Want
  54. Hunter ft. MX Prime - We Love 2 Jam
  55. Bunji Garlin - All O'Dem
  56. Iwer George - Bad For Your Music
  57. Peter Ram - Too Bad Mind (Detox Riddim)
  58. Skhi - Right Dey (Detox Riddim)
  59. Problem Child ft. Santana - Solid Bubble For Meh
  60. Fay Ann Lyons - Catch Me
  61. Shurwayne Winchester - Friday (2014 Trinidad and Tobago soca)
  62. Kerwin Du Bois - Doh Beg
  63. Erphaan Alves ft. Blaxx - Contagious (We Drinking)
  64. Iwer George - Trini Suge Knight
  65. KI & 3Veni - Runaway
  66. Happiest Man Alive SMJ Remix - Machel Montano
  67. Blaxx - Carnival Virgins 
  68. Lyrikal - Part Ah Yuh Nature
  69. Nadia Batson - Bad Influence 
  70. KI - Professor Feter
  71. Fayann Lyons - Oh Yeah
  72. Buffy - Manwa
  73. Kiko Dan - Whine Gyal
  74. Machel Montano - Shameless
  75. Blaxx & Skinny Fabulous - Extra Bad Pon De Road
  76. Benjai - Dance (Optimus Riddim)
  77. Sexy Trisha - Duh Stop Meh
  78. Asten Isaac - Lean
  79. Collis Duranty - Pave The Road With Love
  80. Destra Garcia - First Time
  81. Benjai - Come Nah (2014 Soca Music MP3 Downloads)
  82. Kes - Siddung
  83. Ravi B - Break Away
  84. Destra Garcia - Trailer Load (Wildness Riddim)
  85. Jaiga - Hard Wuk (Wildness Riddim)
  86. Lyrikal - Soca Beast  (Wildness Riddim)
  87. Rupee - Nothing Sweeter (Wildness Riddim)
  88. Shal Marshall - Wining Partner (Wildness Riddim)
  89. Nadia Batson and Lyrikal - Loose
  90. Michael Allan - Gyal Like You
  91. Kofi - DTP (Different Type Of Pumpin')
  92. GBM Nutron & Jaiga - Gyal Season (Sando Riddim)
  93. Isaac Blackman - S.O.C.A. (Soul Of Calypso) (Sando Riddim)
  94. Machel Montano - Drop It (Sando Riddim)
  95. Patrice Roberts - Doh Rough Meh (Sando Riddim)
  96. Akeem "Preedy" Chance - Wining Champion (Sando Riddim)
  97. Farmer Nappy - Family (Sando Riddim)
  98. Denise Belfon & K. Rich - Jammin With You
  99. Ronnie Homer - Bouncing Up
  100. Nutron - Jus 1 Wine
  101. Mr Renzo - Take Control
  102. Erphaan Alves - Bumper Bounce  (Threeks Roadmix)
  103. Giselle D Wassi One - Wassi
  104. Bunji Garlin - Truck On D Road
  105. Shurwayne Winchester - My Team
  106. Kerwin Dubois - My Team
  107. Fya Empress - Doh Linger
  108. Kurt Allen - Mountain
  109. Kurt Allen - Innocent
  110. Kes - Bad Habits
  111. 5Star Akil - To Meh Heart
  112. Kes - Play De Music Threeks Roadmix
  113. Yankey Boy - Cock It Back
  114. Bunji Garlin ft Busta Rhymes - Differentology Remix
  115. Jus Now ft Beenie Man & Vanna Vee - D Way Yuh Wine
  116. Mr Renzo ft Busy Signal - Culo
  117. Patrice Roberts - Somebody
  118. Machel Montano - HMA (Soca Rebel & Katnip Trax Remix)
  119. Wildfire - Doh Tell Me No (2014 Soca Music - Trinidad and Tobago)
  120. Shal Marshall - Drink Something
  121. Machel Montano - E.P.I.C.
  122. Swappi - Don't Let Go
  123. Prophet Benjamin ft. Denise Belfon - Ah Coming
  124. Shortpree - Favourite Movves
  125. Slammer Cutter - Drift
  126. Farmer Nappy - Big People Party
  127. Olatunji - Fete Ram
  128. Benjai - Come Out To Play
  129. Fya Empress - Earthquake 7.5
  130. MX Prime & Kerwin Dubois - Welcome To the Carnival
  131. Saffire ft Pumpa - Excitement Remix
  132. Lyrikal - Conquer Meh
  133. Blaxx - Looseness (Looseness Riddim)
  134. Lil' Bitts - Who Say (Looseness Riddim)
  135. Teddy Rhymez - Loosen Up (Looseness Riddim)
  136. Problem Child - Do Work (Looseness Riddim)
  137. SIX FOUR FIVEā„¢ - Workout (Looseness Riddim)
  138. Swappi 4D - Three
  139. Farm P - Go Brave
  140. Machel Montano - Ministry Of Road
  141. Arri Peters featuring D Chancellor - We Drinking
  142. Mr Killa - Rolly Polly Road Mix 
  143. Ricardo Drue - Tun Tun
  144. Patrice Roberts - Turn It Up Loud
  145. Bunji Garlin - Find Me In Trinidad
  146. Bunji Garlin - Soca Run Town
  147. Devon Matthews - Level It
  148. Erphaan Alves - Hearing Ah Talk
  149. Kerwin Dubois - Too Real
  150. Lyrikal & Otis - Doing Anything
  151. Machel Montano - Haunted
  152. Patrice Roberts - Di Most
  153. Machel Montano - Junction
  154. Machel Montano - The Power
  155. Mr Renzo - Pandemonium
  156. Mx Prime - Down The Stretch
  157. Nadia Batson - Rated R
  158. Nadia Batson - The Anthem
  159. Shurwayne Winchester - Raise It Up 

Looking Forward

I am eager to see how well artistes like Shurwayne Winchester and even Maximus Dan will present themselves this year, since they are no longer on the forefront like Bunji Garlin and Fay-Ann Lyons for example. The Palance guys, JW and Blaze had a great year in 2009 but are yet to have anything as big as that hit song. This is of interest to me. Destra is doing well but needs a big hit. Same thing for Saucy Wow who has been struggling a little, although last year she had a big song. Iwer George would want to win something this year, whether it's soca monarch or road march. A lot is always expected from him and other greats. Superblue made a major comeback last year but can he sustain? Can he prove that he is back for good and here to stay?

Will Bunji and Fay-Ann stay out of competition this year? Bunji had a big song last year called Differentology. A really different kind of soca song. Can he top this? Will he continue down the same vein? All of this will come to light this year. I expect 2014 soca releases from T&T and the entire Trini Carnival season to be very interesting this year. So much is at stake. 

Other names like Patrice Roberts, Farmer Nappy, Kes, Shall Marshall and Blaxx... a lot is expected from them. Time will tell.

For the 2K14 Trinidad soca season I want to see other names coming to the forefront. Every year you keep hearing the same names being repeated but there are many young artistes doing great songs that you never really hear about. Let's hope that someone makes a breakthrough for the sake of all the other struggling artistes and Trinidad soca on a whole. 

Remember to share your thoughts.

This section is a work in progress. It will be regularly updated so keep coming back for more. 

ARTISTS AND PRODUCERS, send your music to mantiusAThotmail.com (Of course, replace AT with @. Deliberately done to avoid spambots.) Thanks. 

(2014 Trinidad and Tobago Soca Music Downloads Above.)

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Iwer George's "2014" soca, Africans is an OLD 1999 song.

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