2014 Road March - Is Groovy Soca Taking Over?

2014 Road March Barbados

2014 Road March Winners - Groovy Vs Power Soca

Let's take a look at 2014 road march winners, listen to songs and watch videos.

Yes. You can win the road march title with a groovy soca song. And groovy seems to be giving power soca a run for its money. Are the tables slowly turning? 

The following are road march winners and winning songs from the various Caribbean Carnivals.

2014 Trinidad and Tobago Road March - Machel Montano - Ministry Of Road

We start with Machel Montano, winner of the 2014 Trinidad and Tobago road march title. He won with the song, Ministry Of Road, a song which also won him the international soca monarch title.

Here's Machel Montano's Ministry Of Road.

2014 Dominica Road March - Wuk Suk - Tomato Burst and Omee - Murderer

Secondly, We move on to the island of Dominica, where two artistes won the road march title. They are Wuk Suk and Omee, doing the songs, Tomato Burst and Murderer, respectively.

Here's Tomato Burst, followed by Murderer.

2014 St Vincent and The Grenadines Road March - Fireman Hooper - Unruly

The road march winner for Vincy Mas is also the soca monarch and ragga soca monarch winner. He is none other than Fireman Hooper. He won the road march title with the song, Unruly. That same song won him the soca monarch title.

Here's Unruly by Fireman Hooper. 

2014 St Lucia Road March - J. Mouse - Hurt It

In Saint Lucia, the winner of the road march title is J. Mouse, a new comer to the soca stage. He won with the song, Hurt It.

Listen to Hurt It below.

2014 Barbados Road March - Lead Pipe and Saddis - Ah Feeling

The 2014 Barbados Crop Over road march title was won by Lead Pipe and Saddis with the song, Ah Feeling. It's a groovy song. Road march songs are usually faster pace but this one was able to carry its weight and defy the norm.

Listen to Ah Feeling.

2014 Antigua Road March - Menace - Fete

Like Barbados, a groovy song won the road march title in Antigua. The Antigua road march title was won by Menace with the song, Fete.

Listen to Fete by Menace. 

2014 Grenada Road March - Squeeze Hard - Turbo Charge

And the 2014 Grenada road march title goes to Squeeze Head with the song, Turbo Charge. From the first time I heard this song, I knew something was special about it. I stopped everything I was doing. It captured me straightaway.

Here's Turbo Charge.

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