2014 Dominica Music - Calypso, Soca, Bouyon

Searching for 2014 Dominica music? You're in the right place. This is where I list the latest releases for 2014 Dominica carnival. You can listen to music from all your favourite Dominican bands and artistes. 

These include WCK, Triple Kay, Benz aka Mr Gwada, Royalty, Fantik, Signal Band, Dice, Hunter, Daddy Chess, Mr Challenger, Supadan, Mr Fanatiq, 2Greedi, Sye, Asa Banton, Rah, Lightning, Triumph, Web, Vigilante, Checko, Pickie, Black Diamond, Scrunter, Jamma B, Derros, Comforter, Wok Sok, Sickberry, Staz of Ti Orkest, King Tappa and many more.

Dominica Road March 2014 - Tomato by Wok Sok and Murderer by Mighty Omee:

When it comes to carnival, Dominica is known for its bouyon music as well as calypso and soca. You can listen to this music right here. From the more popular bands and artistes to the lesser known aspiring ones. 

2014 Dominica Calypso, Bouyon and Soca Playlist:

I invite you to share your views on the music listed here. Feel free to talk about anything that pertains to 2014 Dominica music, whether bouyon, soca, calypso or even cadence-lypso.

What are your favourite songs for road march, calypso and soca monarch? Who are your favourite bands and artistes? Let us know. Do you have any news or information to share? I welcome your contribution. 

More music to come. Keep coming back for more. 

Dominica Music

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