2014 Barbados Cropover Sweet Soca and Party Monarch Semi- Finalists

by Soca Freak

2014 Barbados Cropover Sweet Soca and Party Monarch Semi- Finalists


Eighteen chosen to perform in each competition – that is the official word from the National Cultural Foundation this evening when the Sweet Soca and Party Monarch Semi-Finalists were announced. These semi-finalists are vying for a coveted spot on the Soca Royale, Bushy Park, St. Philip stage. The Sweet Soca & Party Monarch semis are set to take place on Friday, July 4 at Kensington Oval starting at 9:00 p.m. and the NCF has partnered with the Brewster’s Road Crew to stage this event.

The 2014 Barbados Cropover Sweet Soca and Party Monarch semi-finalists are as follows:


Artist - Name of Song:
Basil - Show Them Your Beauty
Biggie Irie - Pankatang
Brett - Again!
Brett & Khiomal - Right Now
Edwin - P.O.L.E
Ian Webster/iWeb - Doin' Me
Imani - Bacchanal Road
Imani & Biggie Irie - Get Over
Lead Pipe - Carnival Addiction
Lorenzo - Mad or Wha
Mikey - Next to De Rope
Mistah Dale - Stressless
Mr. Vilan - Thankful
Queen T - Carry On
Red Plastic Bag - Rollercoaster
Sanctuary - Mega Monday
Serenader - Outta Wuk
Shanta - Stush

Hypasounds - So Good
Statement - Come Ova
The Ambassadors - Soca Therapy

(2014 Barbados Cropover Sweet Soca and Party Monarch Semi- Finalists)


Tent - Artist - Name of Song
All Stars - Richard Antonio - Party Duppy
Celebration - Kirk Brown - Energy
Celebration - Fuhnominon - M.A.D Mad And Dutty
De Big Show - Mikey - #No Shame
De Big Show - Mistah. Dale - De Dawg
De Big Show - Edwin - Unarrest Me
De Big Show - John King - Soca is Boss
Headliners - Blood - Road
Headliners - Chrystal Cummins-Beckles - Pantuk
Headliners - Faith Callender - Lock It
Headliners - Paula Dion - Brek Out
Headliners - Fresh - 100 Proof Bajan
iWeb & Khiomal - Terror
Gorg - Meh Rum
Shaquille - Release
Philip 7 - It Starting
Vince - Join We
Re-Generation - Mighty Sweetness - Inner Energy

Headliners - Verseewild - De Iron Hot

The judging panel for the Party Monarch preliminary included Derek Marshall, Scott Headley, Dionne Knight, Kirk Worrell, Robin Jason Watson and led by Chief Judge, Leslie Lett. While the panel for the Sweet Soca preliminary included David ‘Smooth’ Harris, Andre Hinkson, Michael Welch, Anderson Bolden, Brian Cole and was led by Chief Judge, Jude Eastmond. The entire process was monitored by auditors Price Waterhouse Coopers SRL and arbiter Jeanelle Worrell.

All calypsonians named to perform in the semi-final round of the Sweet Soca and Party Monarch competitions must be at the National Cultural Foundation’s (NCF’s) Headquarters, West Terrace, St. James, on Tuesday, June 24, 2014 to sign their contracts. The scheduled time for the Party Monarch participations is 5:00 p.m. while Sweet Soca is set for 6:30 p.m.

On that day they must also submit 4 copies of the lyrics and a CD, along with their music scores - 2 trumpets, 1 trombone, 1 bass guitar, 2 chord charts and a drum chart or trumpet score.

This is the third year that the NCF has teamed up with a private promoter to host the semi-finals, last year the Sweet Soca hopefuls performed at the Party Stand. For the first time in about 10 years or so the preliminary round of Party Monarch competition was judged in the same format as the Sweet Soca.

End of 2014 Barbados Cropover Sweet Soca and Party Monarch Semi- Finalists.

Listen to and download 2014 Barbados soca here.

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