2013 UK Soca Monarch Finalists

by Soca Freak
(Saint Lucia)

UK Soca Monarch

UK Soca Monarch

List of SocaNews 2013 UK Soca Monarch Finalists

These are the competitors in the 2013 UK Soca Monarch Final to be held at the Scala, Kings Cross, London on Sunday 18th August.

2013 UK Groovy Soca Monarch Finalists:

1. Muzik Lil Muzik (Samantha & Nadine Bryant) - Colonise

2. Silvah (Garry Martinez) - Come & Wine On Meh

3. Noughty (Anton Jacob) - Dance

4. Jonas Keeve - I Want More

5. Soca Princess (Samantha Combie) - Soca Man

6. Triniboi Joocie (Rodell Sorzano) - Beautiful

7. Ms Desire (Louise Jackman) - Ruff It Up (Defending Monarch)

2013 UK Power Soca Monarch Finalists:

1. Silvah (Garry Martinez) - Bad & Ready

2. G.Star (Bevon Barthley) - Party Tun Up

3. Golden Child (Aaron Allen) - Mash It Up

4. Natia Daniel (Natasha Forrester) - No Matter De Temperature

5. Soca Princess (Samantha Combie) - Breathless

6. Jonas Keeve - Notting Hill Ah Coming

7. Triniboi Joocie (Rodell Sorzano) - Iz We (Defending Monarch)

(End of 2013 UK Soca Monarch Finalists)

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