2013 Guyana Soca & Chutney Music

Welcome to the 2013 Guyana soca and chutney music section. You can listen to all your favourite soca and chutney songs for 2013 here. Listen to songs from all your favourite soca and chutney artists like Adrian Dutchin, Shatta Youth, Vanilla, Ryan T, Fojo, Militant, Malo, Terry Gajraj, Wataflo, Ernesta Nelson, Fiona Singh, Haresh Singh and Roger Hings, to name a few. 

Guyana Soca and Chutney Songs Playlist

  • Adrian Dutchin - Soca Do Me (Sugah Dumplin Riddim)
  • Ryan - T - Unite Together (Produced by Lil Rick and Dwain Antrobus)
  • Vanilla - Down Low Music Video (Directed by Black Majenta)
  • Adrian Dutchin - Natural Born Wine ft. Lyrikal
  • Adrian Dutchin Soca Do Me video (Produced by Victorious Productions)
  • Militant (Last Night)
  • Fojo - Still Drunk
  • Ernesta Nelson - Jucky Jucky Remix featuring Lil Rick 
  • Vanilla - Tear De Roof
  • Shatta Youth - Gypsy Wining
  • Adrian Dutchin - Jook
  • Shatta Youth - Guyanese Girl
  • Shatta Youth - One Day
  • Terry Gajraj - Mister Guyana (Music by Avi and The Supertones Band)
  • Wataflo - Girl From Guyana 
  • Prince JP ft. Rick Ramoutar - No Curfew (Produced by Rishi Mahato) 
  • Aamir Khan - Big Time Lovah (Produced by Avinash Roopchan)
  • Rajin Dhanraj - Lilawatee (Chatak Matak Invasion)
  • Anooj Daby - One More Day (Music by Avi & The Supertones Band)
  • Young Bill Rogers (Roger Hinds) - Chutney For My Larki 
  • Fiona Singh - Jam
  • Fiona Singh - Jiggle Ya Belly
  • Fiona Singh - Talking Name 
  • Haresh Singh - Samantha

Be sure to let us know your thoughts on 2013 Guyana chutney and soca music. What are your favourites? Who should capture the road march, calypso monarch and soca monarch titles. Do you have a top five or top ten lists of songs. Share your views with us below. 

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