2011 Saint Lucia Power Soca Monarch Finalists

by Mantius Cazaubon
(St Lucia)

The 2011 Saint Lucia Power Soca Monarch Finalists are as follows:

Take Over Tent

Ricky T - Mad Ting

Ambi - Matey You

Damaze - Ting Ting

Alpha - Road Ready

Soca Village Int'l

Orion - Feeling It

De Revue

Pepper - How Is Me

G I Joe - Re-Ke-Tek

NG Soca Stage

Mantius - Ti Kwa

T J - Mash It Up

Superman HD - More Mash Up

Sir Lancelot - Soca Riot

Ilahman - Vex

Sedale - Nah Stop Wining

Platinum George - Mad Man

Crocadile - Sit Dong

Private Six - Wasted

Mysterio - Wine Your Waist

Mongstar - Monster Energy

Zionomi - Untangler

{End of 2011 St Lucia Power Soca Monarch (Party Monarch) Finalists}

The 2011 Saint Lucia Party monarch Final will be held at the Beausejour Cricket Ground, Saturday, July 16.

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