2010 St Lucia Groovy Soca Monarch Finalists

by Mantius Cazaubon
(St Lucia)

2010 St Lucia Groovy Soca Monarch Finalists

Menel - Boy You Have Me

Nintus - Don’t Apologize

Stacy - One Last Chance

Nicole David - Mr. Dean Dough

Q-Pid - Leave Me Alone

Toya - De Key

Mubarak - Love This Feeling

Phyness - Carnival In Me

Blaze - I Cyan Wait

Superman HD - Gros Pwel

Mantius - Carnival Come Back Again

Louie Dan - Jumping Again

Esteban - Jammin It Again

T.C. Brown - Ah Taking Ah Whine

The above 14 Groovy Soca Finalists will compete in the 2010 St Lucia Groovy Soca Monarch Final against the 2009 St Lucia Groovy Soca Monarch, Alpha.

The Groovy Soca Monarch Final which forms part of "Socarific Saturday" (The 2010 St Lucia Soca Monarch Final) is scheduled for Saturday, July 10, 2010 Mindoo Phillip Park.

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