2009 Soca Music Predictions

by Rob
(St Vincent)

What do you expect for 2009 soca music? Which artists you think will come good?

Do you expect Trinidad and Tobago to dominate soca in 2009, or will the other islands take the driver's seat?

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Oct 28, 2008
Is Time
by: Caress

Well I think is time..and the islands are dominating and headling. Grenada, st. kitts, Barbados, even st lucia but most of all st. vincent have been stepping up their game to challenge the Trini soca heavy weights over the past years.
And for this year...well i aint got no crystal ball but all i saying is that trini carnival 2009 gonna have the "skinny" who'll be "on de spot" in the finals making evrybody "HEAD BAD"
I gone....

Dec 24, 2008
soca 2009
by: trinibaddass

i do believe that the other island such as Barbados, st. lucia, st vincent, grenada, and antigua, have stepped their game up alot but, as usual i think sweet trinidad and tobago will continue to hold the crown for this season. (they better watch out tho)

Dec 26, 2008
Iwer George, 2009
by: John Albert

I expect Iwer George to do very well in 2009. Maybe win the soca monarch. After all, he has his own radio station and can push himself all the way. If you own the media, that's 75% or more of the battle already won.

Jan 11, 2009
My Thoughts
by: AfriJAH

Skinny Fabulous has me sold at ON DE SPOT. Dat chune is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. And, although I know he's not going to get a lot of play, I like Mista Vibes and his JAB JAB song. It's good. Machel sounds quite typical with RAVIN but will do well because he's Machel. I'm rather disappointed in Bunji (as I have been for a while now-- even though I appreciate the fact that he does try and stay true to what soca is). But I do think his CLEAR D ROAD song is a step in the direction of where soca needs to be. It'll probably do well with Monarch. Kerwin Dubois PUT ME OUT..... This song is boss. And I even like Olatunji's EVERYTHING IS EVERYTHING. Can't call who's winning. But I'll be vexed if Iwer wins a thing. WINE WINE WINE WINE WINE.... de ass.

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