2009 Road March possibilities

by Solange Nelson
(San Fernando, Trinidad)

2009 Road March possibilities

Hi everyone, now I know I'll get a lot of 'ole talk' for what I'm about to say and that's cool after all we are a land of Democracy and frankly I'm entitled to my opinion.

Destra Garcia's 'Bacchanal' should win the Road March, there I said it!! Don't get it twisted Fay Ann's song 'Meet Super Blue' is catchy and uptempo but filled with vengeance and spewing bitterness whilst "Bacchanal' epitomizes the true meaning/feeling/spirit of Carnival AND it's catchy and uptempo.

I honestly believe persons are empathetic to Fay-Ann regarding the pregnancy factor and that's ok as long as you're being fair too. (I must also make mention that she spurned peoples' genuine concern for her whilst performing pregnant-disrespectful! There's a difference between criticising and concern.)

But I know I can say all this till the cows come home unless the 'big wigs' in the music industry, the masqueraders et all agree with me, and it may not make a difference, but at the end of the day there will still be "Bacchanal" and maybe just maybe we'll "Meet Super Blue"!

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Feb 22, 2009
Destra's Bacchanal
by: Anonymous

Bacchanal has more international appeal than meet super blue. I'm in St Lucia and I'm having a heck of a time explaining what meet super blue is all about to the younger folks.

Feb 23, 2009
Bachanal vs Meet Superblue
by: Dimpledread

hi, why would you have a hard time explaining? both are party songs, both by two talented women...one of which SWEPT carnival. now while interpretation is to each person 'Meet Superblue' is easy to explain. It is a passing of the thrown from Father to daughter, from traditional 'woman tyoe' to a pregnant woman not only winning becasue she can sing, hold the audience's attention but its just a good song, period. Destra is a great singer too Bonnie & Clyde will always be a favourite for me and that year she cleaned up.
As you know with carnival you are only as good as your last song and this year everyone was backing Faye-Ann even against her husband Bunji who was constantly compared to her. Bachannal is a great song too but as they say the judges verdict is FINAL!!!!

Thank you for your input, always nice to talk Soca with fellow admirers.

Do have a Blessed day!

Feb 23, 2009
Bacchanal my personal Road March
by: soca_addict

The Road March does not have to have International appeal. This is Trini Road March.

But Bacchanal was clearly written with the masqueraders in mind.
The song just made for you to cross the stage to... 'Make a bacchanal in the Road!!!!!'

I played j'ouvert and Tusty actually got a much larger response than Faye-ann.

But the ppl clearly make up their mind that they want Faye-ann... Watching the Parade of the Bands now... Everybody crossing the stage to that!

Feb 25, 2009
by: Machel1987

Destra's Song has been my choice for road march from day one. It is a song that was made for the road, and for having a good time, and getting on bad. making Baccanal. however i think, though faye anns song is great as well, it is more of a personal song. It snot like Display, or Hold it. Meet Super is more a message about herself and her family, and its for that i think Destra Deserves It. Her song is much more Authentic. Yes i like Fayeann too, but, if destra doesnt win, i will be really upset!

Feb 26, 2009
2009 Trinidad Road March Results
by: Mantius Cazaubon

Trinidad 2009 Road March Results

Faye-Ann Lyons - Meet Super Blue - played 410 times

Destra Garcia - Bacchanal - played 76 times


May 03, 2009
by: Anonymous

i believe dat fayola won those titles becuz of all the hype and to the fact that she's pregnant. but i believed road march was for destra
nevertheless i'm a fan of them both
Congrats fay!!

Jun 06, 2009
The Winner Hands Down
by: Junette

Without even knowing faye ann was pregnant, i thought the song Meet Super Blue was a winner. So yes she won fair and square. Nothing against Destra, i love bacchanal. it fun and rep trini. There is always next year.. Faye Ann, love you girl

Oct 03, 2009
by: Anonymous

fay ann will always be # 1 for me, in my opinion i think that destra is over-rated, oh gosh people faye ann has it, she is genuine she is not trying to be beyonce, people please fay ann all the way. a remember every1 has a right to their own opinion so peep please stop hating pregnant or not faye deserved all of it

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