Top 30 2007 Soca Music Hits

2007 soca music - Top 30 Soca Tunes

The following is a compilation of the best soca hits for 2007 from leading soca-producing nations, including Trinidad and Tobago, St Lucia, Barbados, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Antigua and Grenada. This hit list was compiled according to how well the artists did in various soca music competitions and soca awards, visitor feedback, and my own preferences.

You can listen to these soca tunes here. Make sure your speakers are turned on and click on the various players below to listen.

Top 30 2007 Soca Songs, # 1 to 10

1. Machel Montano - Jumbie (Trinidad and Tobago)
2. Ricky T - Pressure Boom (St Lucia)

3. Lil Rick - Can't Wait (Barbados)

4. Teddyson John - Coming Down De Road (St Lucia)

5. Machel Montano - One More Time (Trinidad and Tobago)

6. Mr Dale - Soka Junkie (Guyana/Barbados)

7. Zoelah - Go Down Low (St Vincent & the Grenadines)

8. Problem Child - Party Animal (St Vincent & the Grenadines)

9. Zoelah - Fly Away (St Vincent & the Grenadines)

10. Machel Montano - Down D Road (Trinidad and Tobago)

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Top 30 Soca Tunes for 2007, # 11 - 20

11. Patrice Roberts - Sugar Boy (Trinidad and Tobago)

12. Shurwayne Winchester - Alequa (Trinidad and Tobago)

13. Mantius - No Feelings (St Lucia)

14. Nnika Francis - Don't Let Me Go (Grenada)

15. Tizzy - Expose (Antigua and Barbuda)

16. Nadia Batson - Caribbean Girl (Trinidad and Tobago)

17. Destra Garcia - I Dare You (Trinidad and Tobago)

18. Iwer George - Fete after Fete (Trinidad and Tobago)

19. Biggie Irie - Nah Goin Home (Barbados)

20. Kakal - Lang Kaka (St Lucia)

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Top 30 Soca Hits for 2007, # 21 - 30

21. Alpha - Tick Tock (St Lucia)

22. Jamesy P - Bashment Freaks (Grenada)

23. Crazy - Cold Sweat (Trinidad and Tobago)

24. Berbice - Traffic (Grenada)

25. Ninja Dan - Rise (St Lucia)

26. Fireman Hooper - Charge (St Vincent & the Grenadines)

27. Don Trent - Me And You (Barbados)

28. Mantius - One Man Gyal (St Lucia)

29. Krosfyah - Where I Wanna Be (Barbados)

30. Blazer - Be Mine Tonight (Trinidad and Tobago)

Results of 2007 Soca Music Competitions

How about the competitions? Here are the results of various competitions in the islands.

Antigua road march results 

1. Lord Sattalyte - Papi
2. Red Hot Flames - Fury
3. Lord Sattalyte - Ben Ova

Barbados Party Monarch winners 

1. Lil Rick - Cyan Wait
2. Mr. Dale - Soca Junkie
3. Khiomal - Bashment Bacchanal

Caribbean soca monarch winners 

1. Ninja Dan - Rise
2. Kakal - Lang Kaka
3. Ricky T - Pressure Boom

Grenada soca monarch winners

1. Luni Sparks & Electrify 
2. Inspector 
3. Mr. Killa

Grenada groovy Soca monarch winners 

1. Finley “Scholar” Jeffrey 
2. Kerleen 
3. Nnika

St Lucia power soca monarch winners 

1. Kakal - Lang Kaka
2. Ninja Dan - rise
3. Ricky T - Pressure Boom

St Lucia groovy soca monarch winners 

1. Teddyson - Coming Down De Road 
2. Marie Anne - Cheaters 
3. Black I - Doh Play Me

St. Vincent & Grenadines roadmarch results

1. Problem Child - Party Animal
2. Lively - We drinking
3. Jamesy P - Bashment Freaks

St. Vincent & Grenadines soca monarch 

1. Fireman Hooper - Charge
2. Lively - We drinking
3. Zolah - Fly away

2007 Soca Music results in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad groovy soca monarch winners 

1. Biggie Irie
2. Chucky
3. Nadia Batson

Trinidad (International) Power soca monarch winners 

1. Iwer George 
2. Nadia Batson 
3. Sherwayne Winchester

Trinidad roadmarch results 

1. Machel Montano - Jumbie 
2. Shurwayne Winchester - Open D Gate 
3. Patrice Roberts -Sugar Boy

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I have deliberately made these files of a very low playback quality to discourage downloading. You may have noticed that the songs are not of CD quality. If you like the soca tunes on these page, resist piracy and buy the music. The artists need your support and that's the only way soca music will go further. Just one CD or one soca download will go a long way. You would have shown that you appreciate the hard work that these soca artists have done, by your positive action.

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